Monday, February 22, 2010


When I went to New York for the weekend, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was my first time going and I loved it! I would like to share some of my favorite art pieces. Enjoy!

New York!

I went to New York City from Saturday February 20 to Sunday February 21. I would like to share some pictures with you (Bryant Park, Times Square, 5th Ave., the MET, Parsons, Fashion for Haiti). Enjoy!

The City

The iconic tents at Bryant Park. The last fashion week there :(

Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper for MAC in Times Square

Fendi 5th Ave.

H&M 5th Ave.

Lacoste 5th Ave.

Aldo 5th Ave. (I absolutely love the pictures of the girls with the big hearts)

Fendi at Saks 5th Ave.

Zac Posen at Saks 5th Ave.

Armani Exchange 5th Ave.

Versace 5th Ave.

Versace 5th Ave.

Juicy Couture 5th Ave.

Cartier 5th Ave.

Salvatore Ferragamo 5th Ave.

Pucci 5th Ave.

Henri Bendel 5th Ave.

Escada 5th Ave.

Armani 5th Ave.

Louis Vuitton 5th Ave.

Bergdorf Goodman 5th Ave.

The MET (unfortunately I did not see Blair Waldorf on the steps) ;)

Times Square

Parsons (Project Runway!)

Bar Rafaeli for Rampage

I got my "Fashion for Haiti" shirt at Saks!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Live Project Runway Blogging!

10:00 pm- Project Runway starts.

10:03- New models walk in. These girls are so cute!
"I'm scared of children"- Jonathan.

10:05- "Honey these little girls ain't got no booty's or breasts, so I don't know how this is going to work"- Anthony

10:07- going to Mood

10:17- Tim comes in saying he has a surprise. The designers will have to make a corresponding look for the adult model and they will both go down the runway the next day.

10:18- going to Mood again

10:20- I love Anthony's funny comments, but the rest of the designers seem annoyed.

10:21- Tim comes in to give his advice.
"I want you to know I am profoundly wow'ed."

10:22- Both models come in

10:30- Tim sends the models in.
"The workroom is like romper room on crack."- Jonathan.
"Do y'all have a off switch?"- Anthony.

10:34- Tim announces runway show is in 10 minutes. Rush, Rush, Rush!

10:39- "Welcome to the runway. As you know in fashion, one day you're in and the next day you're out."- Heidi Klum
Judges- Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Tory Burch

10:42- Jesse, Seth Aaron, and Jay have the highest scores.

10:43- Jonathan, Amy, and Jeanine have the lowest scores.

10:44- Jesse: Gray dress, red jacket.

10:45- Seth Aaron: "Jacket is best tailored garment this season."- Michael Kors

10:46- Jay: ruffles, purple.

10:47- Jeanine: "plain, simple, cheap mall outfit"- Judges comments

10:48- Jonathan: "it looks uncomfortable"- Heidi Klum

10:49- Amy: "pants are a train-wreck, circus-like, confusing"- Judges comments. "Biggest problem is the color palette."- Tory Burch

10:57- "One of you will be named the winner and one of you will be out."- Heidi Klum
"Jesse you're in. You can leave the runway."- Heidi

10:58- Seth Aaron is the winner of this challenge!

10:59- "Jay you're in."
"Jonathan you're in."
"Amy you're in."

11:00- "I'm sorry Jeanine, that means you're out"- Heidi

Only 10 designers left!

McQueen's Sales Go Up...And a New McQueen Scarf

Since Alexander McQueen died on February 11, the company sales have gone up by 1,400 percent. I am not surprised, as when anyone is gone, their work becomes more sought after. Unfortunately, now I will probably not be able to own a McQueen piece.

(courtesy of

Alexander McQueen designed a limited edition Canadian themed scarf for the celebration of the Olympics for the Canadian store Holt Renfew. The scarves have skulls and maple leafs. There were only 250 scarves made at were priced at $450. I would love to get my hands on one of those!

(courtesy of The Globe and Mail)

(Photo courtesy of

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Michael Kors Fashion Show

The Michael Kors Fall 2010 fashion show was this morning in New York. The pieces have a lot of fur, wool, big sweaters, and an overall luxe feel. I think this collection makes you feel as if you are sitting by the fireplace of a ski chalet. He shows some skin on some pieces, which add a sexy touch.
Here are some of my favorite looks.

I love the exaggerated cowl neck sweater-dress.

Very chic!

A nice take on menswear, which is a big trend this season!


Another exaggerated cowl neck sweater dress.

A sexier, shorter wintery knit dress.

A classic, but sexy winter look.

A nice, short sweater dress with a full jacket.

A sexy, v-neck dress.

And now the final pieces to the Michael Kors Fall 2010 collection, some beautiful dresses...

Exaggerated cowl neck dress

A flirty gold sparkled dress

Sexy v-neck black sparkled dress. Two great sexy combinations: v-neck and sparkles!

Long, gold sparkle dress

Long, black sparkle dress

Michael Kors has outdone himself again! The collection is stunning.

As always, you can see him on Project Runway on Thursdays at 10pm on Lifetime.

(all photos courtesy of