Thursday, February 28, 2013

New York Fashion Week by the numbers

I love these kinds of charts! It really gets you to be able to visually see how much is really put into fashion week. Lots of work and lots of materials. Makes you realize how crazy and jam-packed it is. But it still looks like an amazing time!

"Queen Kate"

As in Kate Moss. The supermodel is up for cover of the century for her December 2001 British Vogue cover.

She was probably the first supermodel that really got me into fashion and I have loved her ever since. Her personal life maybe not be the best, but as for her modeling she is definitely the "Queen".

And on more recent Kate news, she is the new spokesmodel for the Kerastase hair products company.

Let me just say that we can all envy her hair! Stunning!

Friday, February 22, 2013


I have always TOMS cause (when you buy a pair, they give a pair to a child in need) and shoes, and they also happen to be very comfortable!

I got my first pair last summer, the Red Canvas Classics.

They look great with just about everything. I wear them with summer dresses to jeans.

I also got 2 new pairs for Christmas.

The Pink Glitters

They are very vibrant, but I love the look!

The Black Crochet (which is not available anymore, but here is the similar Navy)

These are great for summer!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Michael Kors Watches

I have always loved Michael Kors accessories and I just saw an ad for these Runway watches and they show that he never fails me.

My favorite is the Rose one!

And speaking of Michael Kors, he is the most searched American fashion brand!

Victoria's Secret Bikini

So I just bought this online because there was a sale...

I love the leopard print! And it was on sale, so I couldn't help myself. But it's also great motivation to workout! I could look like Miranda Kerr if I keep it up. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Homemade Fruit Leather

A weakness of mine is Fruit by the Foot. It is such a yummy treat but horrible for you. I wanted to try to make some of my own, so I tried out this recipe.
I used strawberries and bananas (about 3 cups of strawberries and 1 cup of bananas chopped up)

Once I got them cut up, I cooked them on the stove

Then, I put it in the blender to get a smooth texture.
Next, I covered a pan in plastic wrap and poured the fruit on it.

It has to stay in the oven for many hours, the recipe said 8-12 hours on 140 F, but the lowest my oven could go is 170 F, and I left it in for about 7 hours.

Out of the oven! You know it is ready when the top is no longer sticky, but smooth.

I cut it with a knife into sections to form a Fruit by the Foot or Fruit Rollup

It tastes pretty good! Obviously not the same as the candy, as they are not natural and instead filled with preservatives. Some parts of my fruit leather came out stretchy and some came out more like a chip texture. It was pretty simple to make and healthy, you just need to keep in mind that it takes a while to cook.
It is great as a snack and kids would love it!

Saturday, February 16, 2013


This past Summer I really got hooked on Lush products. I never really knew about them before, but my friend took me to one of their stores and I love it!
They can be a bit pricey, but they last a while and they work! I also love the fact that they are natural and do not test on animals :)

The products I have:

Ocean Salt Face Scrub

It smells amazing and it works great! I just use it while I'm in the shower and it makes my face and hands very smooth.

No Drought Dry Shampoo

Great for those days when you don't have time to shower, or don't need to wash your hair. It keeps your hair fresh and smooth. My hair can get pretty oily if I don't wash it everyday, but it isn't healthy to wash it everyday, so I just use this!

Tea Tree Water

I love this spray! I just spray it all over my face and it gives me a clean and refreshed feeling. It smells great too :)

Similar to the spray, I love the Tea Tree Toner Tabs

They have the same effect and smell as the spray, but it seems stronger and it only lasts a couple of days. You just drop the tab into a bowl of water close to your face and breathe it in. It's great when you have a cold or you're feeling congested. Once the tab is done fizzing and dissolves, you can save the water by putting it in a spray bottle, but it will only last a few days.

Fun soap

I saw this in the store and it actually looked fun to use so I had to get it! It smells yummy, and lasts a while. I have used it as hand soap and body wash, but you can also use it as shampoo.

Hilarious Goat Videos

I know, I know, this has nothing to do with fashion, but for some reason I love goats and they make me happy :)
I just found this video online, which I think is hilarious!
So I would like to share a couple other goat videos: A goat head-butting a reporter on TV (she did not get hurt!)
And the Doritos commercial featuring a goat during this years Super Bowl

Karlie Kloss

May I just say that Karlie Kloss is amazing.
I love her and have been following since she started modeling around age 15.

Here is her latest magazine cover, courtesy of her Tumblr page:

Bath and Body Works New Sweethearts Collection

I have just seen this online and have not tried them yet (there are no Bath and Works in my area), but they look super cute!




Just by their looks, I love the color for Berry. This collection seems very fun and cute! Perfect for Summer :)

I'm Back!

This site is back and running.

Here is a current picture of me:

I'm pretty busy concentrating on school and health, so this blog will now have a little bit more of those topics.

I am a third year early childhood education student, and I am about to start my pre-internship in a 1st grade classroom. I will be teaching every day for 3 weeks. My internship is in the Fall and for the whole semester. I am not sure where I will be placed or what grade I will teach, but I listed my preferences in order of grade 2, 3, 4, 1, 5, K.

I am also working towards improving my health. For one of my classes, we have to do a Personal Development Project, so I chose to focus on eating better and working out. This project is for class, but also for life.